The Pacific Diaries

The pages in this section are not a formal daily diary as such. That was kept as part of our logbook and would make a pretty turgid read for anyone but an obsessive sailor. They are rather an edited selection of short snapshots from our diaries, logbook & emails home that we hope conveys a sense of what excited, interested & above all amused us on our voyage. 

We have focussed on our season in the Pacific because it was unquestionably the highpoint of our years cruising as a family. There were, of course, many other wonderful periods in those years - wandering free in the unspoilt Cuban archipelagos was just magical to name but one - but the freedom, vastness & romance of the Pacific touched us like nowhere else.

The entries are organised geographically and as a consequence in date order.

Much will have changed since 2005, so if you are preparing for your own voyage, read them as taste of how it feels rather than as any kind of practical guide.

One last word of warning. If you are politically correct by inclination, you might want to skip these pages altogether. We went sailing to escape political correctness among other things and our diaries may be more forthright than is generally fashionable today...