La Novia
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Wild animals come closer when you are cruising.  Somehow, as you leave civilisation behind, you become part of the natural world again.  In the case of marine mammals, this is especially true. What is it about these creatures that touches us so deeply?

For many cruisers, us among them, the most spiritually moving moments of their voyage are those which they share with whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.  These experiences always leave us with a deep sense of calm, with a sense that all is well with the world which was not present an hour before. 

Whether it is the abundant high spirits of a pod of spinner dolphins cavorting around the boat, an awesome Humpback whale breeching nearby, the playful enthusiasm of a Brides whale calf riding our bow wave, or the moment of terror brought on by a Sea Lionís practical joke while working under the boat, these creatures all reach out to us across the chasm of the species and have left our sons with a deep-rooted love of the natural world at an early age.The children's delight in natural history, from pelicans to puffer fish, humpback whales to howler monkeys, giant tortoises to butterflies, and toucans to turtles has been a joyful development and one of our greatest rewards from the voyage.
The Stingrays
George & the Vampire
First Crayfish
Galapagos Seal
Brides Whale Alongside
Off Portugal
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