La Novia
World Cruising Yacht
So many Highlights that it is hard to choose between them.  People, places, moods, moments.  Among those that we wouldn't have missed for anything are these.

The unspoilt southern Bahamas... Cubaís amazing beauty and wonderful people...  The wacky world of the Dominican Republic...  The Panama Canal... The social whirl of cruising life in the Pacific that we shared with the other kiddie boats making the crossing in 2005...  The one-for-all and all-for-one ethic that so many cruisers adopted in the Pacific...  The Lord of the Flies moment that all our children enjoyed in the Tuamotos... Marine mammals... Surfing the Reef in a tender at Palmerston atoll...  Sushi...  More Sushi... Spit roasting pigs on the beach for 50 guests at Thomasís 6th birthday party on Nuku Island, Tonga...  Arriving in New Zealandís Bay of Islands from Tonga...  New Zealand...  New Zealanders...  The Endeavour strait...  Wall diving alongside a Manta Ray, Christmas Island... The Brides Whale calf that came to play in the North Indian Ocean...

The enduring friendships that we have made.
Cuban Fishermen
Edward of Palmerston Atol
The Stingrays
British Bulldog on the Beach
Gatun Lock Panama
Art on the Beach
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